European shorthair cattery Of Changing Moon

About us

Cattery of Changing Moon has been registered by FIFe since 2006.
We aim to increase popularity of European shorthair cats and contribute to breeding healthy and beautiful European shorthair cats of excellent temperament and type.

Health and happiness of our cats and kittens from our cattery have always the highest priority.

Akaisha, Samuel and Beatrice are important part of our family.
They live with us in an apartment in Bratislava where they have several cat trees for climbing, scratching and resting. They have many resting places (although they prefer to rest with us in the bed) and plenty of various toys.

We feed them with super premium quality cat food (dry food - First Mate, Hill's and Pro Plan, wet food - Porta 21, Animonda, Gimpet, Bozita, Pro Plan and Hill's), fresh meat and diary products. They get also various nutrition supplements (paste Calo Pet, Bezo Pet, salmon oil).

Our cats receive regular veterinary care and are regularly treated against worms and vaccinated against feline panleukopenia, feline rhinotracheitis, calicivirus, chlamydiosis, feline leukemia and rabies.
All of them are tested with negative result for feline infectious diseases FIV, FeLV and FIP (coronavirus).