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Update on links page [09-08-2009 @ 22:05:00]

We have updated our links page, check it out.

Cat show results update [02-08-2009 @ 23:00:00]

We took part in international cat shows in Brno (Czech republic) and Bratislava (Slovakia), you can find our cats results on their pages - Ariadne, Balthasar and Beatrice.

Cat show in Bratislava 1. 3. 2009 [01-03-2009 @ 23:00:00]

Neutered Ariadne from our A litter, little Balthasar and Beatrice took part in Bratislava cat show.
Both kittens were judged by Mrs. Mastrangelo and got Ex1. Ariadne was judged by Mr. de Bruijn who liked her a lot, she got CAPIB and Best in Show neuter.

Cat show in Bratislava 24. and 25. 1. 2009 [30-01-2009 @ 23:00:00]

3 kittens from our B litter and Ariadne from our A litter (co-owned by us) took part in international cat show in Bratislava.
Balthasar co-owned by us and Bellissima were judged by Mr. Kabina who liked them a lot, both got Ex1 and BIS nomination.
Beatrice was judged by Mr. Mahelka and got Ex1.
Neutered Ariadne made us very proud, she got BIS nomination both days.

International Cat Show Nitra 29. a 30. 11. [30-11-2008 @ 23:00:00]

3 kittens from B litter and Ariadne from A litter co-owned by us took part in Nitra Cat Show.
Balthasar co-owned by our cattery was judged by Mr. Mahelka who liked him a lot. He got Ex1, unfortunately he was not successful in nomination selection as he was defeated by russian blue tomcat who won the BIS later.
Bellissima and Beatrice were judged by Mr. Reijers. Both got Ex1.
Neutered Ariadne made us very happy as she won Best Opposite Sex neuter.
Bellissima took part of the show also in Sunday. She was judged by Mr. de Bruijn with result Ex1.

Kittens in new homes [15-10-2008 @ 23:00:00]

Our gittens went to their new homes to very nice people. Three of them - Balthasar co-owned by us, Bellissima and Beatrice should be showed and hopefully used in future breeding of Europeans in Slovakia.
Beatrice who has really nice European temperament stays in our cattery for future breeding.

Kittens are 4 weeks old [26-07-2008 @ 23:00:00]

Our kittens are growing fast and we really enjoy these weeks with them. Check new photos of our kittens on their page .

Cat Show in Prague, 17. 2. 2007 [18-02-2007 @ 23:58:06]

We took part in International cat show in Prague with Akaisha and Samuel. The show pleased us with very nice atmosphere and excellent judges.
Akaisha was judged by Mrs. Hanne Sofie Sneum from Denmark. Mrs. Sneum liked Akaisha very much. Akaisha got very nice evaluation full of superlatives and her third CACIB so she fulfilled the conditions for granting of title INTERCHAMPION . Mrs. Sneum called Akaisha also for BIS nomination selection, where Akaisha competed with a Bengal cat, ocicat and two British shorthairs. After long hesitation and comparing Akaisha with one of the British cats Mrs. Sneum selected a British shorthair black silver classic tabby.
Samuel was judged by Mr. Eric Reijers who valued particularly Samuel's eyes - unusual dark orange colour and nice expression. Samuel got his fifth CAGCIB.

New Photos [28-01-2007 @ 14:21:53]

We have added new photos.

Cat Show in Bratislava, 6. - 7. 1. 2007 [07-01-2007 @ 21:40:06]

With Samuel we took part in Bratislava Cat Show on Saturday and Sunday, with Ariadne only on Sunday.
Samuel pleased us with 2x CAGCIB and very nice evaluation.
Ariadne got Ex1 in junior class and her colour has been changed to blue tortie silver blotched tabby.

Cat Show in Bratislava, 16. - 17. September 2006 [18-09-2006 @ 00:00:00]

With Samuel, Aitne and Ariadne we took part in cat show in Bratislava.
Samuel got CACIB twice so he fulfilled the conditions for the INTERCHAMPION title. Further, we were really pleased with his nomination to BIS on Saturday.
Aitne and Ariadne had their premiere at cat show. Aitne got Ex1 and a nomination to BIS, Ariadne got Ex1.
Samuel and both kittens made us very happy.

Kittens at their new homes [25-06-2006 @ 00:00:00]

All the kittens are at their new homes now. New owners enjoy the pleasure of their company.

Cat Show Valtice (CZ) [25-06-2006 @ 00:00:00]

Together with Samuel we took part in prestigious cat show in Valtice. Samuel was judged by Mrs. Friskovec who liked him very much. Samuel got his first CACIB and a result with drawed heart from Mrs. Friskovec.

New kittens sites [20-06-2006 @ 00:00:00]

We have added new sites of our lovely babies. Each kitten has now separate site with personal photogalery, check it out in kittens page.

Site of cattery of Changing Moon is running [23-04-2006 @ 00:00:00]

After lots of effort this site is finally running. More news soon, stay with us :o)